High Pressure Mist

High pressure spray (mist installation) improves air humidity and cooling room temperature. It drops 4 to 7 degree Celsius. The fog high pressure spray system is design in a way that hand tight is enough to be watertight under ponderous water pressure. Any one who wants to install this in the greenhouse can afford. The nozzles are ceramic plates, 200x more resistant that stainless steel so the spray maintain its fineness 200x longer. Less noise running pumps and reducing system through the installation to make low maintenance costs.




Misting Fans:

The effective coolers for outdoor in a large or ventilated areas can give a refreshing condition by the spread of micro water spray that brings misting fan. Cool mist humidifier fan adjustable with digital. The ionizer and other benefits can give a healthy living. Mist spray can enjoy the hot summer with this cooling fan. The function prevents a drop temperature, leaving warm fog.